Rílin poem + audio recording

As per the request for a recording of the latest Rílin nezeletŭ, here it is again plus its recording. My high quality recorder is currently on its way to me, so perhaps I’ll make more when I can do high quality files.




4 thoughts on “Rílin poem + audio recording

  1. It’s great to hear what the words actually sound like. Have you thought of making a YouTube video, with some visuals to go with the words? I only mention it because I listen to a lot of composers on YouTube, who put together videos using their music and a few (or sometimes just one) atmospheric pictures.


    1. Thanks so much. I actually do intend to do a YouTube channel in the future. Ideas are currently in the making. I want to give Aeniith more visual components (which is the harder part for me since I am not a visual artist–besides in metalsmithing, I suppose). Thanks for your feedback–always much appreciated, of course.

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