This is a blog about Aeniith, a constructed fictional world that was conceived by me. I write in this blog about many things in Aeniith: languages (some of my favorites), people, history, culture, animals, plants, places, artifacts, ideas, and more. Some posts are more on the technical side (linguistics), some are blurbs, some are my rambling about culture, and some are fiction pieces based on Aeniith. Some are poems written in the conlangs I make. Some are songs I sing in these languages.

This is a blog run by me. I go by Mintaka or Margaret. I live in Hawai’i. I am a linguist. I enjoy tea, camping, biking, cats, reading, writing, video games, and of course, worldbuilding.

I want to hear all of your thoughts, if you want to share them. I’m always, always open to comments, questions, feedback, criticisms, random ideas, suggestions, etc. Never hesitate to say things to me.

Most of Aeniith can be read about in more completeness and detail at my website, I also have a tumblr account where I post most of what goes into this blog ( You can email me at

Thanks for visiting.