Image of a Rílin woman: Silin

Commissioned art of a Rílin woman named Silin. Free Image Hosting at (Please click the image to see the full size version! It looks squished when I insert it here.)

Silin is a scount with the Sunulí guerilla militia. She spies on the Tosi encampments and is an expert tracker of the woods. Her home settlement was destroyed in the initial Tosi attack on Rílin border towns, and Silin’s husband and young son were murdered. She wandered for a few years and fled to the northern coast of Elinís̆. It was here she met Tsilu, another Rílin woman who had fled the invasion, and they became friends, and eventually lovers.

I want to write stories about Silin, but I have three WIPs going right now that need to be dealt with first!

2 thoughts on “Image of a Rílin woman: Silin

  1. It’s great to see more of the characters who inhabit your world!

    Silin looks weary, bitter and perhaps slightly anxious, like someone who’s been through a lot of hardship (she’s either been sitting there unmoving for a long while, or that squirrel is tame…) I like the way the trees are leaning away at angles; it makes the forest look old, crowded and unearthly. The shading is wonderful. Who is the artist?

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    1. Yes, Silin has had a hard time, to be sure. The squirrel’s présence probably indicates her stillness over time.
      Artist is Tara Williams. She is unit_3992 on tumblr and instagram. She’s a great artist, super professional and skilled!

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