More places moodboards…

More moodboards for places in Aeniith. The Tosi Empire (mostly warm and arid, large, lots of military forts and castles and such, female-ruled society, imperialistic, etc), and the Rílin forests of northern Izoi (same continent mostly): cool, green, good for hiding, and actually toxic to most non-Ríli. The Tosi invaded them anyway for resources but the Ríli will eventually win this long war for their homeland, though not without great cost.



6 thoughts on “More places moodboards…

  1. Once again, I love the atmospheric pictures you’ve chosen. That looks like a clash of cultures!

    On that note, it would be interesting to see the Orikrindia mood-board next to a Quarios mood-board. Is the continent of Quarios ruled by a single government, or is it composed of many different lands? In the story it sounds like one great land (albeit inhabited by many different peoples), but I realise that could just be Elucuna’s perception.

    Now that I think of it, is Orikrindia itself a unified nation?

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I would say Ríli vs Tosi is the ultimate culture clash!

      Ah, so Quarios as a country is relatively “new”, as it was kind of a peaceful merger of two countries, Gotêvi and Lomilin. It is now ruled by a single constitutional monarchy, but still has a lot of cultural and geographical diversity. So I could do one for Quarios as a whole, as well as doing separate ones for Gotêvi and Lomilin. Your impression from Elucuna’s story is right–it *is* diverse, but that is doubly Elucuna’s impression too, since she comes from a much smaller, more homeogenous island. And yeah, Orikrindia is under one rule–a very old line of kings.

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      1. The other day I found your blog posts on ‘Peoples of Aeniith’ Parts 1 & 2, which was a great introduction to the peoples and places of your world! 🙂

        I was wondering, have you thought of categorising your blog posts so that new readers can use them for reference? (I’m happy to explain how to do this if you don’t know – it’s like tagging your posts, but you can use the categories to create a menu).

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      2. There are two ways to use your categories to create a menu. For both, the first step is to go into the ‘Customize’ area of your WordPress site, which you’ll find on the same left-hand menu that shows posts, stats etc.

        1) The first method is to click on ‘Widgets’. These are things you can add to the sidebar or footer of your website (your theme might have several sidebar or footer areas, so you can experiment to see which one works best for your category menu).

        Once you’ve selected where the widget should go, you’ll see a button called ‘add a widget’, which will display a list of all the different kinds of widgets you can have. A ‘category’ widget will be among them.

        You can then decide whether you want the widget to be a traditional-looking list menu or a drop down menu, and whether you want it arranged in a hierarchy (for example, you could have a ‘language’ category, with all the languages you’re working on listed beneath it).

        2) The second option is to have your categories listed on the website’s menu bar. Once again, go into ‘Customize’, and this time select Menu.

        Click ‘create new Menu’, then ‘add pages’, and you’ll see that you can choose from a list of the pages on your WordPress site (if you’ve created any), categories and posts, as I recall…

        I’m writing all of this from memory, so sorry if I haven’t got the names of everything exactly right! I hope you find it helpful! 🙂

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