New maps

I’ve been updating my maps and geography of Aeniith and decided to try new styles. These are made with Inkarnate.


Regional Map of Izoi: See Full Version here: here 


I added rivers, a few lakes, and more features. The fortress of Ad Simel Tī is where Dark Designs takes place. Zūr Chi Lār Na means Tower of Death in Tosi and basically is the watch tower for the western seas, in case any force tried to invade from Keta (which no wants to, but the Tosi are nothing if not paranoid). You can see the eastern island that is shared by the Selupa and the Karkin. The Karkin just get the shit end of the island that are plagued by sandstorms and have fewer resources. 😛

Then, in the Rílin forest, you can see the respective regions where the Ríli went after the Flight (post Tosi invasion), with some fleeing north and building underground cities (the Lunauli) and living in the cold mountainous area, and some (the Sunuli) choosing to stay south and fight the Tosi. There is a steppe between the forest and the desert that is a kind of no man’s land but of course the Tosi claim it.

That chasm south of the mountains is filled with a poisonous gas and the Tosi send their really hated enemies there. It also might be kind of sort of haunted.


Unfinished full map 

Still needs fresh water bodies, more placenames, etc. And there’s too much ocean at the bottom of the map, hehe. But, it’s a start. Full view here.




6 thoughts on “New maps

  1. Wow these maps are looking awesome !!!! I personally find it super difficult to find the right font and colouring so that the name places are easy to read and don’t blend into the land. Are you going to play around with that a bit more ? Some of the white ones are a bit hard to read but apart from that I am loving these and can’t wait to see the fresh water bodies !!

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      1. I often feel like my own maps are permanently under construction! I’ve tried reading about climate and geology, but getting advice from an actual geologist must help a lot! 🙂


    1. It’s exactly the same for me! I create a map that I really like, then struggle to get the place names to be readable (this usually involves adding a ‘glow’ on Photoshop)without blocking out my favourite forest or mountain range, or obscuring the nearest town… ah well! At least I’ve figured out how to make the text curve now.


  2. I love seeing this more detailed map of Izoi. I can now properly picture the lands you’ve described, and I can see how the Tosi and Rilin came into conflict, as the Rilin forest looks far more verdant than the Tosi lands. I also love the map style!

    The links you’ve added to the text are useful; it means I can look things up now, although I am starting to get more familiar with the peoples and places of Aeniith! Is it my imagination, or have you made some changes to the layout of your website since I saw it a month or so ago?

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