Greetings after a while!

It’s once again been a while. I’ve been busy with a lot of things–mostly my research and lots of international travel! I’ve been in six countries since May!

One of the things I was doing while traveling this summer was attending the Language Creation Conference (the 8th biannual) in Cambidge, UK. My husband Eric and I started off the conference with some musical performances of songs in several conlangs (Gotevian, Tosi, and Rílin). We’d written some Aeniithian music before but wrote several of the pieces for the conference specifically. Eric is a composer and musician, as well as a 3D graphics designer and synth expert, so we jointly designed musical instruments unique to Aeniith cultures. We also designed musical notation systems for each culture and the musical scales that they represent. We performed four songs, two of which can be heard/seen: , and Ŵatakap Bí Xabhét (Rílin), which has a video that can be seen here.

We also presented a poster that explains a bit about the unique instrument designs (and includes 3D models of them by Eric), musical notations, etc.


I am starting a mailing list since a lot of people wanted updates for lyrics, new songs, etc. So if that’s you too, email me at ransdell AT hawaii DOT edu, and I will add you!



4 thoughts on “Greetings after a while!

  1. Six countries – that’s amazing. No wonder you haven’t had time for many updates! 🙂

    You’re such talented people. It is awesome that you’ve not only designed instruments and a musical notation system for three different cultures (well, two, since it looks like the Rili don’t write their music down), but actually written and performed some beautiful music. I know I’d be really proud if I’d done something like that for my world! 😀

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  2. Since you posted this I have been listening to your songs over and over. These creations are amazing, and your voice is so beautiful. The languages sound so real. The instruments you created are super intriguing, you’re both so talented !!!! Welcome back and can’t wait to see/hear more !

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