Peoples of Aeniith: The Orikrindians

The Orikrindians are one group I haven’t fleshed out very much. I know where they live, their basic system of government, and a few of their words. I am hoping to be able to expand on them more.

Orkrindia itself is an island off the east coast of Ei. See the map below. The island is temperate in climate and Orkrindia has a strong trade system with the rest of Keta and also with the Tosi empire in Elta. Another strong ally with Orkrindia is the small nation of Behr Gehen (also located on Ei).

The country is divided into six provinces and in total has a population of about 6,500,000. Major cities are Desya, Bomu, Jitasa, and Nimhal. Major bodies of water include the Cahusya River, Komu Lake, and the Jetecya River.

The Orikrindian government is a constitutional monarchy, led by a succession of kings. Unlike the Gotevian, Lomi, and then Quariosian monarchies, the succession favors male heirs over females.

The main language of Orikrindia is Ori, spoken by about 89% of the population. Other languages spoken in the country are Lomi, Gotevinur, and Behri (language of Behr Gehen). The basic phonemes of Ori are below (orthography and IPA):

Consonants (20):

<p> /p/ <c> /k/  <t> /t/

<b> /b/  <g> /g/  <d> /d/

<j> /dʒ/ <I> /l/ <r> /r/

<s> /s/  <h> /h/

<m> /m/ <n> /n/

<y> /j/ <ry> /rʲ/ <ly> /lʲ/ <sy> /sʲ/ <cy> /kʲ/ <py> /pʲ/ <ty> /tj>

Vowels (5):

<a> /a/  <e> /e/  <o> /o/ <u> /u/ <i> /i/

The name Orikrindia is actually an exonym from the Behri language. It was derived ultimately from Orikrindian words though: ori ‘man’ + krinja ‘helper’, since the Orikrindians came to the aid of the Behr Geheni people during the War of Burning, in which Behr Gehen was nearly wiped out by a stronger neighbor in Ei. The name stuck and was used by all non-Ori speaking peoples in Ei. The Ori have been largely accepting of the exonym, though they call themselves just ‘Ori’ (with their language being a shortening of Lalya Ori ‘tongue of the Ori), their word for ‘man’ or ‘person’.

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