Aeniith: a constructed world

This space is an expression of an ongoing, years-long project called Aeniith. Aeniith is a constructed world setting in which I base many stories, languages, cultures, histories, and more. It began around 1998 and is still going strong in 2018. I have much of the information documented at, but this platform will hopefully allow me to post more digestible bits of material and give a soft-intro to Aeniith. I also plan to use this blog as an experimental space to help Aeniith grow and expand.

Central to the creation of Aeniith are its languages. I am a linguist by profession and have been inventing languages from a very young age. My languages actually came into being before the overall context of Aeniith, which acted as a cradle to hold the linguistic wealth that was in my head and needed a palette to be drawn onto. The constructed languages (conlangs) are still very much a focal point for Aeniith, but as language cannot (for me) exist in a vacuum, the cultures evolve in tandem with their respective languages. They are inextricable from one another.

All sorts of things are likely to grow organically from and in this blog, so I cannot say too much more about my predictions for it. Like my work, it will probably contain just what appears in my head and in the internal world that I view as Aeniith.

I’m always open to hear from others, so don’t be shy to leave commentary or feedback of any type.



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